About Michelle

Michelle is an intuitive abstract artist working out of Southeast Michigan. After graduating with her degree in Interior Architecture, Michelle worked as a Visual Merchandiser and Interior Designer. She enjoyed her time helping families transform their homes into comfortable and calm spaces. 


Michelle’s work continues to evolve from her at-home studio near Detroit, Michigan. Her favorite place to be is home with her husband and three children, creating with her hands.


Artist Statement

My work is primarily driven by the way I experience the world visually and how my materials interact with one another on the canvas. My process is intuitive and my paintings are almost never planned prior to beginning them. I enjoy engaging with materials like coffee grounds, limestone powders, sand and organic cottons. With my background in interior design, I am passionate about the unique and integral part fine art plays within the interior environment. 

Above all, the act of creating is contemplative and rejuvenating for me. Creating art brings me peace and is a time for me to connect with God. My most sincere hope is that my art conveys that experience to my collectors.